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Introducing Bogart, the foster dog. I’ve signed up for a foster program through to save dogs from euthanasia. Bogart is my first foster dog. He’s super gentle, rarely barks, loves to play with other dogs, chases anything you throw, and is overall a very good doggie. We think he’s half beagle, half corgi…. maybe even pit bull? Hopefully he gets a loving home soon, but not too soon! :)

Meet Rascal, First off, I love dogs. Second, he’s not mine (I’d own a bigger dog than a weiner). This little guy lives with my old neighbors in Long Beach, CA. And if the front door is left open (see 3rd picture) he rockets back and forth through the house lol. We learned not to pet him right away because he’ll pee wherever his wiener is pointing. Poor guy… I wish I got that excited about shag carpet.